DorschelCare is the best way to save on routine maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About DorschelCare
Q: Can I save money on oil changes?
A: Yes.  For the same price as your local quick lube, you can have your vehicle's oil changed by our certified professionals at Dorschel Service with a ton of added bonuses. With DorscheCare you get 3 oil changes, 3 tire rotations, 2 New York State Inspections and 3 Car Washes starting at $189!  That kind of value is hard to beat, and with Dorschel's commitment to quality there isn't a better place to get your maintenance done.  We also offer 3 oil changes, 6 tire rotations, 2 New York State Inspections and 6 Car Washes starting at $225!  Save up to 35% on your vehicle's routine maintenance! 
Q: What is DorschelCare?
A: DorschelCare is Dorschel's exclusive pre-paid maintenance plan. Each time you bring your vehicle in for a DorschelCare oil change or tire rotation, you'll also get a complimentary multi-point inspection and car wash. If you were to try and duplicate this offer you would pay more and potentially have to visit multiple places costing you additional time and money.

Q: Does my DorschelCare expire?
A: Yes, DorschelCare expires 36 months from the date of purchase, but DorschelCare can also be trasferred to your next vehicle, too.  We also offer DorschelCare as a wrap onto some Manufacturer Maintenance Programs that will provide Routine Maintenance up to 72 months!