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Dorschel Kia vs. The Independent Garage

All of us here at Dorschel Kia realize that as a consumer, you have a decision to make when it comes to servicing your vehicle. So which is the better choice when it comes to having your automotive repair work done - An independent repair facility or an authoized dealership? Here are six good reasons why the right authorized dealership remains your best choice.

STAFF: One of the biggest strengths of any service facility is its staff. From our service advisors to our factory trained ASE certified technicians, Dorchel Kia knows everything about servicing and repairing your vehicle. Unlike the independent garages, our staff applies their knowledge to Kias only, which means we spend every day repairing and learning about Kia products.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We are a technologically advanced repair facility with state of the art diagnostic capabilities for all Kia models. With access to specific vehicle service data that is updated regularly, we have the most current repair, warranty, and recall information available for your vehicle.

TRUST: Our ability to provide you with more personal customer service is the basis of all our customer relationships and is founded in trust. Always remember this: We here at Dorschel Kia answer to YOU, the customer.

AFFORDABILITY: We perform all services from oil changes to scheduled maintenance at a lower expense than the independents. You can save even more by taking advantage of our quarterly discounts on services and repairs. Click here for current specials.

GENUINE PARTS: Most independent service facilities do not have an extensive selection of genuine Kia parts in stock for your vehicle. This could mean getting aftermarket parts that are not designed for your vehicle or waiting longer for your vehicle to be serviced.

CONVENIENCE: With independent repair facilities, you'll often experience long waits, unpleasant customer service, unneccessary up selling, paying more for labor and parts, and hassles. Or, you can make the educated consumer's choice and go with a tried, trusted, and proven authorized Kia service facility such as Dorschel Kia.